Timothy Liu Senpai 

I started my Kyokushin karate as part of school summer school sport program in 1993. Dojo was under Aung San football stadium in Myanmar. I trained a year and half and achieved 8th kyu.

I have move to Canberra in 2015.I started training again at Turnbull marital art academy. I achieved my 10 Kyu from my first grading. I achieved my 8 Kyu from my second grading. I have achieved my 7th Kyu from my third grading.

I have taken break from Karate but I decided to try out at the Shinzo dojo because it was closer to my resident. I decided to train at this dojo and sensei allow me to ware my same belt that I achieved from previous dojo where I was training.

My first grading at Shinzo dojo was my November grading for my 5th Kyu in 2016. I achieved my1st Kyu in Nov 2017 under Sensai Brendan.

Year of 2018 My preparation for grading have sit back. I broke my arm during sparing session in September 2018. I have achieved my Sho Dan in Nov grading of 2018.

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