Student Grades


Ninjas and juniors will grade during class for tip grading. and will do a small belt grading once a year if needed.

Intermediate and Seniors will grade on separate grading day which will be held twice a year  

All student grading for 2nd kyu to Shodan and above grades 

will grade one a year first weekend December  

There is a small grading fee to cover the cost of new belts and certificates for those who grade. 

Training Pack new Pack coming soon

We offer new starters a training pack which includes the essentials for sparring at the dojo. The pack includes a bag, uniform (gi), gloves, leg pads, and mouth guard. The complete pack can be purchased when you sign up for $150.

1st Kyu Brown Belt Black Bar 

Mary Vella

2nd Kyu Brown Belt 

Andrew Duke

Rob Wells

Serena Bulum 

Manav Dodia 

3rd Kyu Green Belt Black Bar

Naman Dodia (Junior)

4th Kyu Green Belt 

Tony Prior 

Erika Prior

Riley Prior (Junior)

Daniele Pandolfo

5th Kyu Yellow Belt Black Bar

Kristy Kelly

Imogen Hughes

Ryan Buck (Junior)

6th Kyu Yellow Belt

Grace Prior

Steven Buck

Jason Vella

Paavni Malhotra (Intermediate)

Paawan Malhotra (Intermediate)

7th Kyu Blue Belt Black Bar

Frederick Vella (Junior)

8th Kyu Blue Belt

Andrew Watt 

Valentino Pandolfo (Junior)

Luke Jolly

9th Kyu Red Belt Black Bar

Jason Holyoake

10th Kyu Red belt